Camp Russia

About the Program

Are you young, active, easy — going and open- minded person? Are you seeking for a more than ordinary way to spend your summer holidays? The Camp Russia program gives you the chance to experience this controversial country from absolutely unusual side, informal, funny and for sure memorable.

So the main requirement is about to love and being loved by children. You may  already have some positive working background as a group leader or simply going to be a teacher, or just like playing with kids — in any case  you will be amazed by this option.

Imagine an outstanding view of picturesque Russian nature and that you may enjoy it every day of the program that lasts from 1 to 3 months depending on your choice. All the camps are outside the cities in beautiful locations from Central Russia with deep clean rivers and lakes to the seaside on the South if it. You may choose according to your wish.

During your camping in Russia you will be teaching children from 6 to 16 years old. All the camps are English-speaking, so you will work with groups and create interesting interactive lesson plans, preparing social events and taking part in different sport games. You will get absolutely unique experience of living in Russia combining work and pleasure.

Why Camp Russia?

The unique chance to see famous Russian nature

Friendly working atmosphere

All trip support

The opportunity to learn Russian language

Different locations on your choice

The priceless teaching experience

Program Benefits

Think carefully about the opportunity to spend maybe one of the most unforgettable summers in your life.  Let’s consider following things.

1. Finances. Budget for trip should cover flight, hotel and such expenses as meals, traffic, some entertainment and excursions. With this program  you may absolutely forget about almost all these points. You need only buy tickets, make visa and be ready for a new adventure!

2. Working experience. This program will give you a chance not only spend cool holidays abroad, but also get new skills in teaching, learn more about interactive way of work and update your CV. It will definitely make a positive impact on your future career if you wish.

3.  Not usual and not boring work.  Isn’t it a dream to spend almost every day outside the office, especially in summer?  Surely it is.  Camp Russia is not just an ordinary language school — it’s learning through fun and activities. Every day you will be involved in sport events,  and competitions; playing with children different logic and role play games; creating unusual lesson plans and even your own theatre evenings! There will not be any time to feel yourself bored.

4. Nature.  Can you imagine spending your summer in a mild, pleasant climate near the sea for example, or somewhere in the forest not far from a big city? Yes, we are talking about Russia — the country where winter is year around as all the world thinks. So we offer you the opportunity to see another Russia, with a hot sun, green fields and clean lakes. Don’t miss such a chance  to live up to 3 months in such a paradise!


Camp Russia

from 450$



14 days

14-30 days

31-90 days






18-35 y.o


Camp residence

What’s included?

  • Placements throughout the country
  • Stipend tutoring position in an international camp
  • Accommodation provided in a Camp residence
  • 2 weeks to 3 months placements
  • Program completion certificate
  • Visa support letter 
  • 2 way airport transfer

What’s not included?

  • Two way air tickets and visa
  • Other traffic expenses
  • Specific city placement
  • Meals outside the Camp

Any questions? Feel free to contact!


    1. At  first fill in the application form.

    2. Then have a Skype interview with one of our specialists and tell more about yourself and why you want to participate in the program.

    3. After that pay $250 deposit.

    4. Next, have an interview with one of the language schools.

    5. After successful interview pay the rest of the fee.

    6. Then apply for a visa (we will guide you).

    7.  Finally buy your ticket to Russia and start your journey!

    We will help you with all the steps, so the process won’t cause any difficulties.

    The best summer.. Russian nature is amazing, Russians are so warm and hospitable.

    AahvaEnglish Teacher

    Our Camps

    All the Camps  are new, modern with all the facilities needed and the residence that is really comfortable for a  long stay.  In every camp there are  classes for students, teaching room for a staff where you can create your lesson plans, and everything for active extracurricular time.

    The main feauture of all  camps is the atmosphere of relax, friendliness and joy. And this is thank to the  qualified staff, who likes working with children, likes sport and active games, likes creating interesting evening events, competitions and role plays.   Working with such specialists is a chance to learn how to teach using interactive methods and techniques and how to show children that study may not only be boring but also really entertaining and funny.

    But undoubtedly the main thing about camps, that makes them so attractive is their location. Picturesque Russian landscape with  boundless fields, old green forest  with endless trees, deep clean lakes with dark water surrounded by  small bushes and colorful wild flowers. This is like one of famous Russian painters’ artwork. Hard even imagine such a beauty!

    And also  it may be located in Sochi. The place where  the Olympic Games 2014 took place. Modern, renovated, already historical place that is absolutely worth of visit! Add here the hottest south sun, warm sea,  sand or stony beaches and ancient high mountains — is anything else that anybody can dream about for their holidays? Camp Russia is an excellent chance to experience it.