Language Homestay

About the Program

As a participant of this program Host family in Russia you may have a chance to live in Russia up to 3 months ant feel yourself not an ordinary tourist, but a local. The host family you choose to stay with will show you the real life of  Russians, their customs and traditions, tell more about culture and ‘mysterious’ Russian character.

You will live with them for free with  private room  accomodation  and full board. Instead you just should teach them your  native language 15 hours a week, not even grammar but simply conversational. You don’t need to prepare the detailed teaching plan,  you may discuss any topics you wish.   We also will provide you with teaching materials in case you need them.

If you  are keen on Russian culture and wish to explore it better you should use  a great opportunity to learn the conversational Russian.  Everybody knows that this is the best way to know any country better.  After 3 months stay you definitely will speak a bit of Russian language.

During your stay you may visit other cities in Russia, or combine your trip so as to live for a month with one host and then to change it. This option is really popular cause lets see more places and meet more new  people. Apart from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg there  are a lot of other cities with great tourist attractions and amazing nature. If you are interested in real Russian life more surely you will see it not in Moscow!

Why is  Language Homestay?

The unique chance to see the real Russia

The friendly host
Support before, during and after your trip
The opportunity to leatn Russian language with a native speaker
The most amazing cities up to your choice
The opportunity to get an experience of teaching and add it to your CV

Teach and Learn

Nowadays such alternative ways as couchsurfing, working or volunteering abroad become more and more popular. The Teach and Learn program is a perfect mixture of all  that offers the deepest immersion in a real Russian life. You may explore Russians’ lifestyle, habits, history and character.

This experience is absolutely priceless cause every day you will be sorrounded by natives, not only your hosts , but also their friends, and everywhere — in shops, subway, in he streets.

That is why you may learn Russian language almost effortless but with a great result!

The Teach and Learn program provides you with an opportunity to stay in Russia almost for free — accomodation anf food will be free of charge. Add here the chance to update you CV as you will get the teaching experience in a family  and the program completion  certificate with a reference letter. This a good start for an international career!


Langauge Homestay

from 450$



14 days

14-30 days

31- 90 days

91-180 days ( US citizens only)







18-60 y.o


Host Family

What’s included?

  • Placement throughout the country
  • Volunteer tutoring position with a local host family
  • 15 hours per week teaching experience
  • Accommodation provided with a Russian speaking host family
  • From 2 weeks to 3 months placement
  • Start dates throughout a year
  • Visa support letter included
  • Two way airport transfer
  • Three day travel pass in St. Petersburg or Moscow
  • Weekly social program including full day local excursion every 2 weeks organised by the family
  • Power adapters

What’s not included?

  • Two way air tickets and visa
  • Other traffic expenses
  • Specific city placement
  • Multiple family placement
  • Meals outside the host family

Any questions? Feel  free to contact!


    • Fill in the application form and attach your photos.
    • Have a first skype interview with a person from our company.
    • Tell about your preferences.
    • Pay a $250 deposit
    • Select several families.
    • Have skype interviews with them.
    • Select one or two if you are going to change them during your trip.
    • Pay the fees.
    • Apply for a visa.
    • Buy your flight ticket and start your journey!​

    "I'd thought that famous Russian hospitality is a myth. But it turned out that you always feel like a real member of the family! So much kind and tenderness"

    Francesca De CaniStudent

    The Host Family

    Living  with a host family is one of the main pros of this program.  It’s affordable from the view of money,  gives you an instant support system in country, and can help you learn the local language and culture.

    Every host family is thouroughly interviewed and evaluated so only the best can participate in this program. You can be sure that they will be able to provide you with comfortable living and friendly environment.  At first they will show  you around the city and tell more about the country at a whole.

    Every day you will eat national cuisine and get familiar better with eating habits of Russians: borsch, dumplings, pancakes and so on. No chance you wouldn’t  like it!

    The host family in Russia is a great resource for practicing Russian language much faster and easier.  You will chat with the members of the family every day and not many of locals speak other languages fluently, so your own learning will be almost effortless.

    You will be involved in all the events and celebrations: going to cinemas and theatres, visiting museums and art galleries, spending cosy evenings with family friends at home or even taking part in  national holidays celebration.  This is the best way to learn about Russian character  and traditions, to know more about history and customs. Russians are open minded and really easy-going  people so they will tell you everything with a great pleasure!