Teach and Study

About the Program

Russian language is considered to be one the most difficult in the world. But anyway there are still quite a lot of people who are wishing to try to learn it. More often they do it because are attracted by Russian culture and all that is connected to it.

If you are among those who like learning new things and suppose that it’s impossible to know another country better without knowing its native language, you absolutely should try this option

Teaching abroad program in Russia provides such a perfect opportunity. Altogether with everyday practice you may choose the option of more fundamental learning.

There are several ways how to do it:

  • join a class of maximum 6 students and study grammar rules, words, discuss popular topics and so on;
  • have individual lessons with a highly qualified professional who will prepare teaching materials counting your skills and language level;
  • combine two options above if you wish to study the most efficiently- get excellent spoken practice from visiting group classes and learn grammar with a personal tutor.

Everything is possible on your choice, just don’t be afraid to try yourself in it!

Why Teach and Study?

The unique chance to see the real Russia

Friendly and hospitable people

All trip support

The opportunity to study Russian language
Several cities on your choice

The priceless experience of teaching

Russian language study

This program is available in several cities:

  • Moscow
  • Voronezh
  • Saint Petersburg

There we have good partner schools that have long experience teaching foreigners Russian language. They all are modern and innovative. The staff is really friendly and helpful, you will surely feel comfortable spending there some time of the week.

You may choose which course to take, depending on your wish and free time.

There are several possible options:

  • General Russian 15 h/w
  • Intensive Russian 25 h/w
  • One-to-One lessons
  • Russian language for Business, Study, e.t.c.

General Russian 15 h/w.  The study will be in classes in the morning or in the afternoon, depending on the schedule, not more than 2 hours a day. This is quite enough to learn basic Russian from very beginning or improve it if you have already some knowledge.

Intensive course 25 h/w. This program is an ideal for volunteers who have more free time or for high motivated person whose intention is to learn most efficiently in short period of stay for example. Classes will be held every day, 5 hours in the morning or in the evening.  So it will be easier to learn more grammar and get more practice of spoken Russian.

One-to-One lessons. This option is an ideal for those who cannot attend classes according to the schedule or want to learn harder and more intensive or even for those who are quite shy and don’t want to be in a group of other students. In any of these or other cases, this choice will bring a lot of pleasure and a successful result.

Russian language for special purpose.  This course requires already good knowledge of Russian language and perfectly fits for career purposes. If you will or yet just wish to work in Russia and have to know some special terminology in your field, you are really welcome!


Teach and Study option

from 1250$



14 days

14-30 days

31-90 days






No restriction




What’s included?

  • School placements in Voronezh, Moscow, St. Petersburg 
  • Paid tutoring position, stipend position or volunteer tutoring position with a local host family (depends on the main program)
  • Accommodation services 
  • placement according to the program
  • Program completion certificate
  • School recommendations
  • 2 way airport transfer
  • Visa letter support

 What’s not included?

  • Two way air tickets and visa
  • Other traffic expenses
  • Specific city placement
  • Multiple family placement
  • Meals

Any questions? Feel free to contact!

    The Process

    1. At first fill in the application form.

    2. Then have a Skype interview with one of our specialists and tell more about yourself and why you want to participate in the program.

    3. After that pay deposit (or not, according to the program).

    4. Next, have an interview with one of the language schools.

    5. After successful interview pay the rest of the fee and choose the option with russian language learning.

    6. Then apply for a visa (we will guide you).

    7. Finally buy your ticket to Russia and start your journey!

    We will help you with all the steps, so the process won’t cause any difficulties.

    Russian language is so hard! But I am happy that tried to learn it. I believe that language always helps to understand the nation better..


    Host Families

    Living with a host family is one of the main pros of this program and this option. That’s why many of our participants add «Study Russian» option to their Language Homestay program. The reasons are:

    • it’s cheap,
    • safer as you are not alone in another country,
    • and the main from the view of study — all day communication with locals.

    Every host family is thoroughly interviewed and evaluated so only the best can participate in this program. You can be sure that they will be able to provide you with comfortable living and friendly environment. And they will be glad to help you with learning of their mother tongue language. Simply ask them to speak with you in Russian, they will be really happy! Especially because not many citizens know English or other languages perfectly.

    As you will be like a member of the family, you will take part  in all the events and celebrations: simply starting from cooking and tasting national cuisine like borsch and dumplings (if you wish of course), and finishing cosy evenings with family friends at home or a restaurant, with long talks about everything: weather, films, politics, fashion and so on. You will definitely have the great practice of spoken Russian language.

    No doubts, living in a host family is an ideal support when you have the aim to learn language as fast as possible and do it with much practice and fun. And imagine how many things you will learn about Russia from its native citizens! Teaching abroad program is the excellent chance to study Russian language.