Teach In School

About the Program

Are you keen on teaching and looking for an opportunity to get an international experience and upgrade your skills? Let’s consider the Teach in school program.

If you are just making first steps in this profession and don’t have proper education yet you may try the teacher assistant position. It’s a unique chance to study through work as you will spend up to 40 hours a week  with  highly qualified teachers. You will be in charge for extracurricular activities, team building events, student debates and simply paperwork.  But of course the most priceless experience you will get from cooperation with other teachers:

  • creating lesson plans,
  • learning international teaching methods and schemes
  • taking part in different seminars and conferences

Lack of some practical knowledge won’t cause any problems — you will be supervised by more qualified staff. They will share with you all their many years previous experience!

Another option is created for professionals with a proper higher education, teaching experience and  such worldwide recognized certificates as TEFL or TESOL.

If you are seeking for an opportunity to upgrade your skills and get to know better international teaching methods and schemes, this program may definitely help you to live out this dream. Working with other experienced specialists during 1-6 months gives the unique chance to share your knowledge and learn a lot of new techniques.

Among your duties will be:

  • provide a teaching plan for each lesson
  • conduct lessons with your language groups
  • take part in school life

But of course the main advantage of this program is the payment. The program is free of charge and you  may earn 10-20 $/hour. This will let you feel absolutely free and stable in the country from the point of finances. You can spend this money on active social life or traveling around Russia!

Why Teach in School?

All — trip support

Modern language schools

Low budget

Different cities on your choice

Profession related experience

The chance to study Russian language

Program Benefits

Before making the important decision it’s always necessary to count all the pros and cons. With Teach in School program there are no disadvantages at all, only pros.

Let’s closer look at them!

  • Finances.  Of course budget is the main thing in traveling. You always need to understand your expenses for a trip and plan how much money you can spend. With this program it’s really easy to do — if you are going as an assistant (intern), you’ll have self-catering (shared) apartment for free. So you only will need to pay for food and some entertainment. If you are a teacher, you’ll not have to find apartment to live in. Your school provides it for rent and you will have enough money to cover these expenses and to spend your salary as you wish.
  • Working experience. As it was mentioned before, doesn’t matter who you are: simply starting your career specialist or a professional. In any case this program will provide you with a chance to get new skills and update your CV.
  • International exchange. Apart from gaining new experience as a teacher you have an opportunity to see how everything works in Russia. You will be shared knowledge with local specialists, learn more about teaching methods, schemes and the system itself.
  • The unique trip. The chance to live in Russia for a long period of time and get to know this country better. You will meet new people, learn about history, traditions, habits of the locals. You may travel around the country and see the most famous  in the world  cities with old architecture, visit museums and theaters, taste Russian food and simply enjoy its fantastic nature. Maybe this will help you to forget all the myths about this country!

Surely, these are not all the benefits of this program, but these are main. Hopefully they will help you not to miss such an opportunity!


Teach in School

 From 0$


Teach in School as a Teacher



Teach in School as an Assistant Intern


31 — 90 days

91-180 days


14 days

14-30 days

31-90 days

91-180 days










20- 60 y.o




20-50 y.0


10-20 h/r





What’s included?

Teach in School as an assistant-intern


  • School placements in Voronezh, Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia
  • Tutoring position in a local language school
  • Stipend/pocket money 15000 rub. per month
  • Intern up to 40 hrs/week at school
  • Self-catering apartment/self-catering shared apartment
  • 2-3 months placements
  • Program completion certificate
  • School recommendations
  • Visa support letter 
  • 2 way airport transfer

Teach in School as a teacher

  • School placements in Voronezh, Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia
  • Paid tutoring position from 600 to 1200 rub/hour
  • 70-120 hours per month
  • Accommodation for rent
  • Flight & visa reimbursement up to $500
  • 6-12 months placements
  • Program completion certificate
  • School recommendations
  • 2 way airport transfer

What’s not included (for both)?

  • Two way air tickets and visa
  • Other traffic expenses
  • Specific city placement
  • Multiple family placement
  • Meals

Any questions? Feel free to contact!


    So how to take part in the program.  It’s really simple.

    1. At first fill in the application form.

    2. Then have a Skype interview with one of our specialists and tell more about yourself and why you want to participate in the program.

    3. After that pay $250 deposit (for teacher’s assistants only).

    4. Next, have an interview with one of  the language schools.

    5. After successful interview pay the rest of the fee (for teacher’s assistants only).

    6. Then  apply for a visa (we will guide you).

    7.  Finally buy your ticket to Russia and start your journey!

    We will help you with all the steps, so the process won’t cause any difficulties.

    Love my students so much! They tell me about Russia, I teach them English. Ideal exchange..

    Julian SesiniTeacher

    Our Schools

    We have good cooperation with private language schools throughout the country.  It may be famous cities, well known in the world but also may be smaller towns, not so popular but even more Russian than Moscow or Saint Petersburg.

    We always place teachers in private school as believe that their methods are more innovative, views on education are not so classical and fundamental. In such schools the staff is always seeking for new ways of teaching considering carefully what will be the result of it. They try to develop day by day, demonstrating also the high willingness to integrate international experience in this process.

    Each school we deal with is modern with new technical devices that make working process easier and more interactive.

    Each teacher after arrival will have a 3 day training so as to help him to immerse in the process quicker and easier, better learn his duties and responsibilities and simply meet with the staff before lessons and first working day. For assistants there will be a one day orientation session in the first day of work. The purpose of this is absolutely the same as for teachers.

    Schools responsibilities:

    • provide materials for the lessons
    • coordinate the teaching process for the teacher and the activity plan for the teacher’s assistant (intern)
    • issue a letter of recommendation at the end of working program
    • provide salary for the teacher